Company Profile

RFID Services

Since it was founded in 2015, Tagline Limited has provided RFID (Radio Frequency ID) consultancy, products and tagging services to Irish libraries.

For RFID issues please contact Sean Kelly on 087 236 8927 or


Sheep Dipping Services

RFID is used widely in many industries and we have used our experience in this technology to expand into another market – Sheep Welfare. Each sheep has an ear tag (EID) which incorporates an RFID chip for electronic identification.

We provide a dipping service using our state of the art Mobile Cage Sheep Dipping Unit. Our system of plunge dipping has been approved by the Department of Agriculture and we are certified to provide our services in Northern Ireland. Mr Jerry McCarthy, sheep farmer and certified dipping specialist, leads the Sheep Dipping Services Team.

Jerry McCarthy can be contacted on 087 602 8669 or